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Piano Lessons are now available as of November 1, 2017 in Millbrook, Montgomery and Wetumpka Alabama.


Learn how to build a computer from the ground up.


Learn how to become efficient in most popular software programs from major companies like Adobe, Microsoft and other popular name brands.


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About 1Latham Community Development Corporation, Inc.

       The name 1Latham was penned by Dennis in the mid 90's when Dennis got sick and tired of being sick and tired depending, needing and waiting on others closest to him, to join in with helping and serving the communities as he was trying to do by himself. Everything from repairing automobiles to roofing, from building recording studios and tech rooms to landscape.

       1Latham Community Development Corporation, Inc was founded by Dennis C. Latham in September of 2017, after partnering with Bishop William D. Paul, PhD., CEO of Church On The Road, who showed Dennis just what he needed to know about Public Benefit 501(c)(3)'s and how that would be perfect in helping to expand Dennis' DREAMS, LOVES and VISIONS to help and serve as many people and communities as possible. While at the same time, leaving a well documented legacy of putting proven solutions into action.

       1Latham CDC is dedicated to helping and serving in developing and teaching the hearts, minds and spirits of children, youth, young adults, elderly and all in between, as many skills and trades as their heart desires.

      1Latham CDC also offers jobs at a rate of $10 and hour for clean up (clean up happens before and after the job) and  $20 and hour for actual hands on training and work studied. Although Dennis pays for this as he has in the past. He is hoping to soon get contributions, donations and grants to help expand 1Latham CDC to more communities so more communities can benefit and more people can be hired to learn more skills and trades. With hopes of others taking this same path to get and have their own Community Development Corporation.

       1Latham CDC is also well known for helping other non-profits with very cheap and low prices for business cards, fliers, web design, computer building and repair, construction work of every kind, technical installations like intercoms, surveillance and much more. If you have any questions, feel free to contact 1Latham CDC @ (334) 517-4557 or e-mail recorddeal@yahoo.com


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